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Virsec was founded with a principle of stopping the endless cycle of reactionary security based on signatures and pattern matching. Our belief is that this model, no matter how much data or compute cycles you throw at it, is destined to leave you on your back foot with respect to malicious actors and sophisticated hackers. Testament to this is that even with all the investment companies have made in security over the past decade, even the top logos and defense organizations are being breached and publicly disgraced. It’s our belief that our distinctive approach of securing mission-critical applications as close to the processor and application process space as possible allows us to see and prevent exploits that are core to the most sophisticated cyber attacks known today. We’re founded on a principle of not employing signatures to achieve highly accurate and cost-effective next-generation security. Our mission is to end data breaches, cyber-espionage and insider theft, in support of a vision that all enterprises can operate safely and agilely on the Web and in their internal environments.

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